Monday, July 23, 2018

NYCC Commission Openings

Hello everyone,

I've decided to open up my NYCC commission list a bit early this year to try to give myself time to get them done in time and at a good quality.

Please email me at with the specifics of your request.

If you're interested here are my prices and options:

(All prices are for b&w. For color add 50%.)

Headshots: (9x12) $40

Busts: (9x12) $65
Busts: (11x14) $80

Full figure: (11x14) $140

Sketch Covers: (Headshot) $40
(Bust/Full Figure) $80
Plus $10 if I provide the book.

If you have anything different you want to request, such as multiple characters or anything else different from what I have listed contact me for prices.

Paypal payments accepted ahead of time.