Tuesday, February 3, 2015

ECCC & C2E2 Sketch Request Lists


Convention season is starting up soon and I'm ready to start taking requests for some of the upcoming shows. Right now I'm taking a limited number of requests for Emerald City Comic Con http://emeraldcitycomicon.com/ in Seattle and C2E2 http://www.c2e2.com/ in Chicago.

* Please note, I’m only taking sketches for people willing to pay up front by paypal. Sorry, I just don’t have the free time to put effort into doing sketches that may or may not get picked up and paid for later.

Prices: (All in US)
B&W (inks and markers)
9x12 Head Sketch: $30 11x14
Bust: $60 11x14
Sketch Cover: $60 (Check for which issues are available)
3/4 or Full Body: $120
Full color: (Add $10 to any of the above)
For more complex commissions, larger pieces such as 11x17 email me with specifics and I’ll give you a price. (No original characters, sorry.)

Email me at glovestudios@gmail.com with your request including the following info and I'll reply with my paypal details: (Please don't send requests via twitter, Facebook etc... just so I can keep requests organized at one place an no one falls through the cracks.)
• Character
• Size

• B&W or color
• What you want me to identity you by on my sketch list. (Username, first name, etc...)
• Show you're attending and which day you plan to pick up your sketch

Some sample sketches:

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