Thursday, May 15, 2014

Convention Sketch List Summer 2014

It’s that time of year again! Convention season is heating up.

So far I’m able to announce that I’ll be taking part in Artist Alley at the following shows:

NYC Special Edition: NY, NY June 14-15
Botcon: Pasadena, CA June 19-22
TFCon: Toronto, Canada July 11-13

It’s about time I start taking sketches.

For now, I’ll be taking sketch requests for NYC Special Edition and Botcon only.

I’ll be taking 10 total requests at a time, so I don’t get too backed up. If I get caught up, I may take more.

* Please note, I’m only taking sketches for people willing to pay up front by paypal. Sorry, I just don’t have the free time to put effort into doing sketches that may or may not get picked up and paid for later.

Prices: (All in US)
B&W (inks and markers)
9x12 Head Sketch: $25 11x14
Bust: $60 11x14
Sketch Cover: $60 (Check for which issues are available)
3/4 or Full Body: $120
Full color: (Add $10 to any of the above)
For more complex commissions, larger pieces such as 11x17 email me with specifics and I’ll give you a price. (No original characters, sorry.)

Email me at with your request including the following info and I'll reply with my paypal details: (Please don't send requests via twitter, Facebook etc... so I can keep requests organized at one place.)
• Character
• Size
• B&W or color
• What you want me to identity you by on my sketch list. (Username, first name, etc...)
• Show you're attending and which day you plan to pick up your sketch

Sample Sketches:

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