Tuesday, July 17, 2012

SDCC Postmortum

So I'm still on my way home from SDCC.

What a time was had. After working closely with my frequent collaborator John Barber, I final got to meet him when we shared the stage for IDW's Hasbro comics panel on Thursday at 10am.

I also finally got to meet the man I cause frequent heartburn, Mr. Carlos Guzman. This panel was also my first time meeting Livio Ramondelli, Flint Dille, Brendan Cahill and Chris Metzen. All rad dudes.And it was great to see the rest of the panel again.

As the show went on I also got to hang with old friends such as Chris Mowry, Logan Rogan, Aimee Morgan, Denton Tipton, Martin Fisher, Alonzo Simon, Aaron Gregory, Chris Ryall, Tiffany Wong,  and finally meet my sometimes collaborator Priscilla Tramontano All this, and made some new friends to boot. Well. Not literally. Wasn't like I kicked anyone or anything.

Did a few signings, had a few beers, shared a line with a celebrity or two. (And narrowly missed a brief meeting with Arnold Schwarzenegger himself. But the most surreal moment had to have been when John Barber, Livio Ramondelli and I did a signing at Hasbro's booth, where a seemingly endless stream of Transformers young and old streamed through the queue delighted to have us sign anything whether we were involved with it or not.

Super exhausted and waiting for the final flight needed to make it home. Might post later but I'm done for now.

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