Wednesday, July 20, 2011

SDCC's Right Around the Corner

So I won't be attending Comic-Con in San Diego this year. Which means I won't get to hang out with people I'd love to see again and have a beer with, like Chris Mowry, Simon Furman, Denton J. Tipton, Casey Coller, Robby Musso, Logan Rogan and everyone else I've been lucky enough to hang out with there.

I also won't be able to meet up with my new boss, John Barber who I've been working pretty closely with for a full year now on two comic book series.' One of which should be announced this Thursday at Comic-Con.

Good luck and safe travels to everyone attending the show, and have a beer for me!

And be sure to visit the Coco "Flaming C" Fan Art museum while you're at the show! Conan O'Brien's Fan Art Museum

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